AnAlphaBeta Studio

We’d be proud to entertain someone,

saving them from working or studying too much.

Together We Build Dreams

Analphabeta Studio is an indie studio for videogame development based in Italy and Switzerland. Currently working on mobile game titles “Project Loading” and “Planetino“.

We have a common goal: creating exciting well-designed games that are unique and able to convey good values.

Meet The Team

Project Loading

Improve your space skills playing the game, test your nerves, learn how to control your senses.

Designed in minute detail to create hundreds of little brain teasers, Project Loading is a videogame made of skill and accuracy tests.

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Project Loading Arcade Minimal Puzzle Mobile Game Gif Phone Accelerometer


AnAlphaBeta Studio fall into a crazy idea: what if you could run on cute vehicles around planets so tiny to radiate tenderness? Chased by fierce villains…well, that would certainly be a nice challenge! Keywords: tenderness, vivacity, sympathy, and lots of good design, because looks matter!

In Planetino, you’ll have the chance to play with various different vehicles. They will vary for each planet’s environment you are into, and can be enhanced over time. In the jungle, the first of many playable environments, you can have fun driving a monster truck! How will we move from planet to planet?

An awesome rocket will be your mean to explore a galaxy full of heroic adventures and epic tales!

Planetino will be developed for mobile device with iOS and Android.

Coming soon 2019

Who is behind AnAlphaBeta Studio?

Who’s behind this project?

Four co-founders with different skills who work together towards a common goal: creating exciting well-designed games that are unique and able to convey good values.

We are working on mobile games. Why? Because you can play them whenever and wherever you want, relieving yourself from the boredom you feel while travelling or attending a meeting you’d rather not be at.

(We’d be proud to save someone from working too much.)

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